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My parents said they gave us names that would look good on degrees. Im not sure if they're kidding.

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I second this. If you wouldn’t hire the name your giving them, don’t name the child that.

Depends on what it is, sometimes its easy and I can transition seamlessly other days I forget the english word for chair and spend ten minutes telling my non-hispanic friend to get my purse off of the silla.

All jokes aside it’s sad to think the demons that tormented that woman. It also goes to show what a great man you are that even after years of abuse you show compassion and even want to respect her privacy as to not show her mental state at its full extent. You are a great person mijo, although she didn’t see it that way, and you were the devil incarnate to her or whatever and she was abusive asf, youre move is that of a mature,caring man. I absolutely sympathize with you and your DH, and I am more than happy he has you in these times.

He is 3 and non-verbal but very smart. He “told” me his feet were cold and wanted socks. I got him socks to his great joy but I put them on his feet instead of on his hands which apparently is where you put socks when your feet are cold.

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When my sister was 4 she would put socks in the fridge and then request they be put on her feet. I have no idea whats up with kids and socks

A uhhh friend of mine has no idea what this is about, and apparently googling did not help him.

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Im with your friend, literally so confused

One Bacon sandwich extra extra extra extra ketchup, extra extra extra mayo, extra extra extra cheese sauce sauce, no sliced cheese. By the time we were done we had to double wrap the sandwich and put it in a container

See its one thing if she’s just super obsessed with you eating one thing but multiple things that have abortive properties and right after she found out you were pregnant, i mean if it walks like a duck quack

I would be. I love new friends and do not mind being a shoulder to lean on.

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