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Best way to work on fundamentals I've found ... As painful as it is, dry fire A LOT and shoot paper at distances beyond 100. Nice shooting.

Are you handloading that 140gr or is it factory? If it's factory how are your groups?

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What the article doesn’t mention is that the 208 is the smallest of 3 calibers they will be clambering in. Previously they had 308, 300 win msg, and 338 Lapua, now it will be 6.5, 300 Norma, and 338 Norma

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338 lapua mag

Comment deleted by user11 months ago

Or it's a scam

Turn of the neoscrypt algo and resume as normal. I was having the same problem and that fixed it.

I would be happy that my plan worked, wait, I mean not my plan...someone else’s.

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This makes me so happy. Not that I though he wasn't aware of the language barriers, but that next time he makes sure the stupid Americans understand wtf he is saying, even though his English is almost perfect.

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When people outside America call Americans stupid, it’s a defense mechanism...for how mad they are that they’re not American.

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