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This picture is amazing and so inspiring. How long have you been doing art for as a serious thing? I mean like how many years really working hard to develop it?


If you find this overwhelming, just try the probiotics in the "recommendations" section one at a time, while minimizing fermented food intake. If your main problem is constipation bb536 is getting good results, and there are others listed in the "prospects" section below. If you've tried a variety with poor results perhaps try adding phages.

Since some people are still having trouble, here are the main takeaways:

  • The current products are extremely limited and thus many people will get poor results no matter what. Many prebiotics and probiotics can cause various harms. Prebiotics generally seem to soften & bulk stool since they feed bacteria. Avoid supplements with many different ingredients, especially prebiotics, unless you already know that specific prebiotic is beneficial for you.

  • There's a big difference between strains (and this term is often misused), and where the probiotic was sourced from. Most of the literature backs a few specific strains for specific conditions. Different types & strains will have different effects [1]. You can't just go for more.

  • There's already a recommendation section so why are you still asking for recommendations? Also see the last paragraph of the "Intro" section.

  • Any rules that exist are vague, and people have to experiment for themselves due to major person-to-person variation [1][2].

  • Try the most backed/studied human-sourced probiotics first. Strains have host-specific effects, so you can't expect to get the same results of an animal study [1][2].

  • Fermented foods are generally quite oversold and can have detrimental effects. They are also not interchangeable with probiotics, except for ones sourced from fermented foods, like Garden Of Life products.

  • Fermented foods and multi-strain probiotics may hinder, rather than help, recovery after antibiotics [1]. Though some probiotics are proven to help prevent antibiotic associated diarrhea [1][2].

  • Not every probiotic needs to be refrigerated, and just because one does doesn't mean it's better than one that doesn't.

  • There is also widespread misinformation about needing to take prebiotics with probiotics in order for them to be effective. This is false. Probiotics can be effective on their own, and general/random prebiotics may be counterproductive since they will usually feed a wide range of microbes rather than the specific one(s) being targeted. Finding a prebiotic that only feeds the specific targeted bacteria can be difficult.

  • If a probiotic/microbe isn't making it through the digestive system/juices it likely hasn't evolved to be host/human-native. Not every "probiotic" belongs/thrives in humans.

  • Take before, or with a meal.

Citations & more info: /r/HumanMicrobiome/wiki/probiotics


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Drink water, eat healthy, sleep enough. That's it man. Don't drink too much. Holidays are taxing on your physical health. Go for a walk.

I have a sinus infection, much as many people get at this exact time because of the stress. Do the best you can, that's all you can do.

  • Learn one thing every day

  • Teach someone else one thing every day

  • Make one person smile every day

  • Do one thing for your SO every day

Thats all you gotta do man, works for the most part

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