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I dislike Trump but chill with those claims. Younger girls does not mean "100% kids". Don't make shit up like he does.

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Younger GIRLS means under 18, and for adult men that is super creepy. Would you want your 16 year old or 17 year old with an over 30 man?

I think we both know that if they are both kids it would be ok. But you dont want your kids with people not in their age group.

So why does killing a pregnant mother counts as double homicide? Your logic doesn't check out.

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Because anti-abortion people... they want to introduce fetal personhood.

I suppose you support abortion up until the moment of birth? What about immediately following birth? Where does the line get drawn when a woman can arbitrarily end innocent life?

Most European countries touted as bastions of socialism/liberalism by the left wing in America don’t allow abortions after the first trimester FYI.

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Bullshit. The European country i am in allows abortion until 12 weeks, after that you just need to get approval from your local doctor. 3rd trimester is allowed if the fetus is malformed or the womans physical or mental health is at stake.

Maybe you should read up a bit more on abortion rights before saying a whole continent has the same law.

Edit: It's also free since it is a part of health care that you pay taxes for.

Your username is a stroke of genius.

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Aww, shucks! Thank you!

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"Androids don't have a gender therefore deliberately choosing to present as male can be read as trans"

Or his component elements (Jarvis, the body Ultron created for him) are designed to be male. Occam's Electric Razor if you will :P

No but you're right - there's always a discussion to be had for any film character. Just less bone-headed ones than that guy is spouting.

Also credit to marvel for not going the low hanging fruit road into CheapLaughsVille by having character discuss the...ahem...mechanics of Wanda and Vis's relationship.

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You have fanfiction for that. You pig.


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Please explain why men have significantly higher suicide rates than women?

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Men are also the cause of crime like 80% of the time. The vast majority of power structures in all society as of today are headed by men.

Men started the wars young men died in, men raped the wives and sisters of other men.

Men won't help eachother, they leave their children behind eventhough the vast majority of judges are men.

That is toxic. Maybe try to tell other men, maybe do something positive like no-shave movember. Btw, you do know there is a men's day right? That is also in November.

Try helping other men instead of belittling those who just want to get away from under your thumb.

pink tax doesnt exist.

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It does. Who do you think pays for the pads/tampons? Toilet paper is freely available at any decent toilet, but not tampons.

Who do you think pays for birth control and the doctors visit needed to get the script for them?

It's not just about razors, it's about being punished monetarily for being a female human. Ladies like yourself are just not aware about all the things you pay for that men never even consider.

When my daughter was a baby (6 years ago) we went to buy her a baby hairbrush, just a small, super soft bristle brush for tiny baby heads...

The options were between two completely identical brushes, except that one was pink and the other way grey. When I say completely identical I mean, same size, same company, same bristles, literally everything but the color.

Oh yeah, one more difference! ... The pink one was $2 more. We went with grey, and obviously I'm still mad about it, lol.

Both being a woman who does a lot of the household shopping, thus buying a lot of my husband's stuff, and being a mother of a girl, I have seen so. much. sexism. in my purchase options. I buy the cheaper thing, unless I can't stand the smell or something, but it is frustrating as hell!

Don't get me started on the pointless gendering of sooo many kid things in general. 🙄😣

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I found out that i could wear teen boy stuff a few years back. I have teen boy everything for outdoor wear. I think the only womens versions i have are ice skates and shell jackets.

Plus, if you buy it from the mens section, you get pockets.

Get your daughter whatever she wants (within reason!) And dont shy away from getting boots or shoes from the boys section. Also, please remember that some girls really like being feminine and that shouldn't be shamed either.

Best of luck to you and your crotch fruit 💕

I feel icky just typing this, but surely the young boys themselves would be a healthier snack?

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How do you know they're not having them as snacks too?

I heard something about accountability for the rich; It doesn't happen unless there is a dead girl or a live boy in their bed.

I've been trying to contradict my parents with my niece at every opportunity (her parents are out of the picture, my parents are raising her), who when we meet new relatives or whatever she always asks "do I have to hug them?" And my parents always say yes but I always tell her "only if you want to, you don't have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable/that you don't want to do" and I think she listens to me more because she doesn't hug people at first, but when she gets to know them sometimes she will sometimes she won't. So hopefully some of that's working it's way into her brain that she can always say no

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It really does! My god daughter is super expressive and open about how she shows physical affection. And she still has a perfect reason in "i dont want that person touching me" whenever.

There is a tightrope you need to manage as a parent though. On one hand, kids are dicks, on the other they are still capable of feeling uncomfortable.

Waving is a compromise, then people won't be touching you, but you're still being taught how to act in a society.

Having a daughter in a few weeks as a first time mom. One of my parenting rules will be that people are not allowed to force her to hug/kiss them, I don't care if it's my closer relatives. If she's not comfortable, she gets to decide.

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My friend has said stuff about her kids taking a pro-active role in giving a soft no. Stuff like, just a high-five, or a handshake. And then, if you like the person you can give them a hug.

As a godparent, i started out with high fives, even when i used to change their dirty nappies and they spit up on me when they were babies.

Kids are growing and the 4 year old you saw at a birthday who wanted to hug and kiss you, would maybe just be ok with a wave or a high-five when they are just 4.5 years old.

They are humans, and their development is super fast. It's up to all of us to give them a way to set their boundaries in a safe environment.

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