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-10 points · 3 days ago

I know right. The left can't meme with out making the rest of us cringe. Kinda feel bad for them...then I remembered that these are the people that want the economy to fail just so they can make Trump look bad.

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I'm part of the left but I find myself unable to join in on the anti-Trump humour circlejerk. IMO he's a bad person and the state of affairs is depressing. Making fun of Trump is neither funny nor fruitful, he could not care less about what some lowly anonymous internet users think, he is living a very happy and successful life for doing terrible things and that irritates me.

/r/PoliticalHumor, for example, is not "political humor." It's /r/politics behind a thin veil of biting satire. There's nothing funny about it.

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You're probably not as left as you think you are. For instance, do you support healthcare for all? Do you understand that climate change IS happening? Would you support paid paternity leave?

If not, fuck you and I hope Trump fulfills every one of his promises. Only this time, there will be no opportunity for your cousin fucking hicks to get their fentanyl.

I am done being nice. If you voted for Trump, you were mislead, if you still support him, you're a piece of shit.

Lol, remind me again who shut down your government? Remind me who refused to sign two bills for funding (both approved by both senate & house) who was testerical on camera?

Who promised Mexico was going to pay for The Wall?

Please, remind me. My leftard brain seems to get things wrong all the time.

Btw, Manafort, papocofeve, Cohen, Gates, Butina, and Flynn.

5 points · 4 days ago

Døh dette er NORGE og her drikker vi 3 liter PEPSI MAX og spiser THOUSAND ISLAND og TACO og GRANDIS og koser oss med OSTEPOP til dessert

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Altså, jeg ser ikke noe som helst galt med dette... Det er ikke hver dag man har tid til å klødde rundt på kjøkkenet ei heller råd til å ta seg en tur ut for å spise. Da er ostepop, grandis og brus helt innafor.

Stort pluss at det er nesten null med oppvask og at det hele kan konsumeres foran TV'en.

-10 points · 6 days ago · edited 6 days ago

Såg en som nevnte tankeeksperimentet at man i fremtiden kunne åpne for at abort resulterte i at foster ble overført til surrogat eller kunstig livmor, istedenfor at det ble drept. Altså vil det da bli barnebidrag på mor om far beholdt.

Det virker til å provosere svært mange kvinner. Altså virker det til å handle mer om penger enn om retten til å bestemme over egen kropp. Det synes jeg er dumt for jeg har alltid trodd det handlet om at kvinner vil ha noe ut av kroppen, ikke at de vil det skal dø for det kommer til å koste penger.

Tenk for et ramaskrik det hadde blitt om en mann sa "denne ungen ønsker jeg død for dette ønsker jeg ikke bruke penger på" om slikt.

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Hvordan skal dette fosteret overføres? Om en kvinne nekter å la seg legge under kniven, hvordan skal staten overholde "mannen vil beholde fosteret og legge det inn i en kunstig livmor"?

Abort handler først og fremst om at kvinner har muligheten til å bestemme hvem som bruker deres kropp.

Ditt tanke eksperiment fungerer ikke fordi det sier at kvinner må tåle et kirurgisk inngrep slik at mannen kan beholde det hun kan bli kvitt ved å ta noen tabletter.

I'm OK with this. Young people should know about gun safety the same way they should know about reproductive health. I dont want to buy a gun, but it helps to know that if I was ever to be faced with the usage of one, I would know how to use it.

If you guys are gonna have guns, you need to teach kids gun safety and responsible gun maintenance.

A whole bunch of people in my country have guns, it's just not acceptable to carry them around in public. I can pay a bit and have access to a gun range with a supplied gun and ammo right now. I can join a gun club or start a gun collection club and get types of guns that are illegal in the US.

All in all, I think education of and the illumination of WHY gun safety is important can lead to a positive gun culture in the USA.

Reminds me of a funny clip I saw from a British game show that matched up comedians with musicians. Some too-cool-for-school bad boy rocker starts getting into it with one of the comedians on the show and after he gets wrecked a couple times, the host just turns to him and goes "Let me explain something to you. He is a professional comedian. You won't win."

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That was an episode of Nevermind The Buzzcocks and Simon Amstell was presenter at that time. It was such a joy to watch!

Unless the president gives an unlawful order, then they're obligated not to follow it. So it's nice to know there at least is a legal line drawn.

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I think the US army is one of few armies where soldiers can actually refuse an order from a superior if that order is "against their better judgement/ morally reprehensible " I cant remember which of the rules it was but it came in effect after the Nüremberg Trials. Following orders is not an excuse.

Werent some scandanavian countries warning their pilots about this like a week ago?

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Yes, Norway and Finland. Norway also run a 5B-NOK fregatt into a container ship just a few days ago due to a "communications" issue.

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Fun fact about wombats; they poop in cubes! They also have really hard butts! Just thought I'd cheer you up a bit after dealing with a shit eating nazi. 😚

I knew about the cube fact, but thanks! It's one of my favorite random animal facts! I didn't know they had hard butts though.

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Oh yes! They burrow to escape and as(s) such a very rough behind is needed to survive the paws of predators! They have really tough skin on their butts.

Sorry about the late reply, I just dont go on reddit often. Wishing you the best and that you try to be be better today than you were yesterday 😊

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