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I'm going to guess Sorry To Bother You. I think the clues could link to Boots Riley, and it comes out in the UK in early December and has already been shown at the London Film Festival

I have 7, 100, 344, 484, 503, 571, 621, 624

I need 128, 160, 166, 179, 199, 305, 323, 368, 478, 561, 622, 634, 646, 659,

Hi, from the ones you need, I have: 39, 78, 161, 484, 559, 624.

I need lots of yours, let me know if you would like to trade. Thanks

Think it might be Last Flag Flying.

  1. Bryan Cranston played Lyndon B. Johnson (who was Vice President) in All The Way. He spoke with an accent in the film, and doesn't in Last Flag Flying.

  2. Last Flag Flying is the "unofficial sequel" to the 1973 film The Last Detail.

  3. In Last Flag Flying, the three main characters are all former Marines, with Laurence Fishburne's character now a pastor.

Saw Last Flag Flying at LFF in October and really enjoyed it

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