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I sold him 1.6 million coins. I went first as we communicated over text, which is highly recommended. He paid immediately and was quick and reliable. He is definitely the "MUT Coin King" and I encourage anyone to do business with him. You will not be disappointed! 10/10 A+++++

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I bought 450k from him, I went first. The transaction was very quick and safe, as we did it in small increments! 10/10 seller, very safe! Definitely would recommend to ANYONE. Thanks so much!

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  • If you clicked a link to this page, please make sure that you're on the real /r/MCSRep. Double check the username that linked you and make sure it matches the username of this rep thread EXACTLY and isn't just SIMILAR. Note that just because you're reading this doesn't mean a scammer didn't include this note in their fake profile to trick you into a false sense of security. Always double check, and don't get tricked or scammed!

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