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Just broke up with my boyfriend and all of my wits seemed to just wither away. I guess I just need someone to talk to or at least having experience about similar situations.

What can I offer in return? Can't sugarcoat simply because at the moment I'm bitter enough for all MOBA playerbases combined, but I can promise an abundant supply of cat pics and gifs with or without your consent.


This really isn’t how we envisioned our future to be. I guess our relationship could be called an unfortunate luck, for we’ve stumbled upon each other but for us to be unable to spend the rest of our lives together.

We had a somewhat peaceful mutual break up. Despite what John Lennon said, love can’t be all we need. At one point the bad outweighed the good, and the incompatability became too much for us to continue. We were two young adults naively in love enough to overlook it until the situation escalated to an inevitable separation.

I never regret agreeing to be yours. I regret not noticing the signs of us falling out sooner. You’ve been a wonderful man and the heartbreak in your voice made me wish it didn’t have to come to this. But it did, and I hope you could move on eventually even when I myself don’t wish that to happen anytime soon, because I’m still selfishly still in love with you. I will be missing our good morning and good night texts, I will be missing the calls sometimes with us not even having any particular topic in mind. Just hearing your voice and seeing your face on the screen was enough to comfort me through this. However, the intensity of our needs for affection differed too much, our schedules couldn’t align, our personalities weren’t as compatible as we once thought. In the end, the distance won.

At one point in our lives we’d be able to look back at this without tearing up, and we’d be able to smile at each other’s newfound happiness in another person. We both have a lot of growing up to do, and I’d be here along the way as your best friend, whenever you need me.

With you, a part of my heart and with me, a part of yours. I do love you and I always will.

To anyone still staying in LDR, no matter how many times you’ve heard of this, communication is crucial. Do not ignore any sign of you or they not feeling completely committed or having even a sliver of doubt. Ask question you don’t want answer for, be confrontational even when you want to run away. I wish you all the best, be happy for us and for every couple who didn’t manage to make it work.

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