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Apologies if this was posted before (I didn't see it in past posts).

This safety alert affects all 22LR rimfire firearms manufactured before Feb 1, 2019. Please check your firearm if you have the gauge, contact Smith and Wesson to get a free gauge, or have a professional gunsmith perform the inspection.

Depending on the subtopic (comedy is a large swath), I will throw my hat in the mix. I have been hosting my show for about two years and while it is still in its infancy, I love the relief of expressing myself.

Handsome boi!

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Thank you; he is a big teddy bear


Any Ridgeback owners here? Looking for park playmates for my three year old RR.


I interviewed my father who exploited imagery from the Corona Project (Recon Satellites produced/operated by the CIA).

Episode 29 Corona Project

Shameless plug, perhaps...pertaining to your question, absolutely!

[Society and Culture] Your Views, My Facts | Episode 55 - James Mattis (SECDEF), Runny Nose, & Germ Facts


Is that really snot coming out of your runny nose? Germ facts & figures you probably didn't want to know.

This show was born out of frustration of listening to/reading news where opinion is passed off as facts and not the hyperbole that it actually is.
There is nothing that is off limits and our vision is to root the commentary in facts and challenge conjecture while combining humor, agitation, and opposing views.

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