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I've been playing For Honor since summer 2017. I witnessed P2P, Good old Centurion days and most of the events. There was 1 major problem with rankeds (that got fixed) and with more characters and content this seems like eternity. What am I talking about ? GRIND. The first major problem was winter event, one year ago. Instead of normal outfit, mask, emote and few collectables package we got shit ton of new white colors. But hey that's more stuff, why do you brag about it ? Well there's one simple reason. RANDOM CHARACTER DROP. When this event rolled in I was so hyped, I'll get a lot of colors and stuff. Till the moment I realized i don't get anything for my main. Most of us have that one champion that we like or main and want to get all things for the event. The problem is no matter how much you play RNG can always screw you up. First, chance for the item, second, specific character, third, the item we actually want. Now let's do some math and on example off arcade drop (which not everyone have access to, but it's still the best way to farm).

We have currently 22 characters in the game. Every character gets 11 items (2 Embossings, 6 effects and 3 battle outfits). It is 22 x 11 = 242 items The chance of dropping your item = 0,004

Arcade gives 2-5 items. You have to play roughly 70 arcade games to get all the items you want and make sure you have everything for your character (i mean items you can drop). Arcade game time varies from 10 min - 1,5 hour. So in the best case you'll spend 15 hours grinding the whole stuff, to make sure you have everything for your character.

Of course we have the store bundles but they include everything and they're not cheap. The event dropped right before Christmas and New Year so people were playing way less than in usual week.

My suggestions is that with the next event dropping (like in ranked), we should get items for the characters we are playing. Maybe in Arcade at least 1 guaranteed, but whatever to make us sure that we fight for what we want. We could use one more week to get steel for bundles.

Overall I really enjoy the new event and I'm happy for crossover rooting for more of these soon. The items are great and keep up the work :)


The big problem in For Honor is meta that's changing only when reworks roll in and from trash tier character goes to Godlike or just from Valk tier to Valk tier. Most of the changes speed up the character and give bullshit tools to fuck up rest of the cast. There were 3 reworks that I actually liked (PK, Warden and Kensei) and rest is just 400ms lights and spam till your opponent is dead. Some characters are kinda left out, when just 1,2 simple tools could do the trick. You buff and nerf the most useless stuff or make a character not viable at all (Shinobi health's buff, Warlord nerfs, Shugo nerfs, Centurion is now useless. RIP good old jab stagger). The changes made in game push it into bad direction, because people just go for guaranteed hits and broken moves (Shinobi's slide, Gladiator's zone and toe stab, Conqueror unreactable shield bash). Characters that have creative tools and great rework potential are left out (Shinobi's ranged is easy to parry, no viability except guaranteed hits, great rework potential, Lawbringer's kit is to predictable, with few changes he can be a very good turtle that can punish for being idle).

There are many more problems with arcade, ranked, modes but I think these are 2 major issues that made me feel I'm not playing because I enjoy the game but for items I won't get in future.


With new update coming in 2 months and all the reveals, me as a console player would like have test servers for breach and new faction. We had once beta test probably for dedicated servers and they worked out pretty well. With the biggest update yet why cant I try new characters... Seeing people play it already when its not yet out is annoying af. This kind of update should be tested by all console players and PC users. This way it would be fair to all players.


Let me see if I got this right. You deflected from top and the side attack still got blocked? That should have been guaranteed. This sounds like a bug. Is it just Warden doing this?

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Original Poster1 point · 5 months ago

Kensei, Raider, Conq. This just proves it isn't guaranteed...

Conq was the only one I heard had a fast enough recovery to block. Just today, I've been seeing other players not only block it but even dodge it (mainly Wardens and Kenseis, maybe a Berserker but that could have been due to a minion getting in the way). Successful deflects of all things shouldn't be giving us so much trouble.

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Original Poster1 point · 5 months ago

The problem is they are... Some characters can dodge, some block something that is "supposed" to be guaranteed. There are to many problems with Shinobi's deflects. Sometimes they followups dont even connect. Sometimes max punish is 25 in bleed...

How the heck weeboos got there. Thought it was untouchable...


Many of you may know or not that only Shinobi's deflect deals dmg without followup. It's 25 bleed dmg with 2 followups and mostly guaranteed 50 dmg. It all seems nice but the stamina cost of Shinobi's deflect is bullshit. If you have deflected a hit it uses 29 stamina unless tou are oos. Its more than 1 heavy. Every followup cost +5. So for kick you give 34 and stab 34. Shinobi's overall stamina equals 110 which is pretty bad considering all his costs. Deflect takes 1/4 of your whole stamina. In a match for example you have half stamina. You deflect once and do dmg and when you feint and deflect second time: - dmg doesnt stack - you lose your stamina - at that point you are oos - cuz it drains your stamina you have to wait till proper regen - Shinobi s regen is very slow - he is probably mosy vurneable character when oos

When you deflect and then bait heavy parry you kinda get shit. I lost so many rounds by being dropped oos after successful deflect and some of punishes can literally one shot him. Keep that in mind cuz this is trash in comparison to other characters that have the choice and really good dmg to followup their deflects.

Basically, Shinobi deflect sucks if going for nice plays, outplays. It comes down to be a turtle move with small minigame about hitting good side with kick followup. Ubi fix...

EDIT: Forgot to mention that deflect takes enemy 12 stamina without followup and 30 stam when using followup. Some of you might be mistaken cuz of kick. It's same stamina drain and consumption on both of them. But still its really not that big of a deal cuz most of deflects come from openers and parry still tops it.

7 points · 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago

Theres nothing to fix. His deflects do two bars of dmg(roughly 1/5 of most chars) for the cost of his stamina. Even though I don’t play him, most could agree that shinobi is in a fine spot. If anything, his dmg should be lowered from deflect at the cost of less stamina.

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Original Poster-4 points · 5 months ago

Shinobi is in BAD spot. Deflects at max punish give you 2 bars, but deflect itself is just 1 bar of very slow bleed. And you want to tell character with no good openers, no soft feints, no unblockables to feint, without powerful punish on wall splat or oos, no dash attacks, no reasonable offense and unique mechanic that cannot be used for shit. Still tell yourself hes in the good spot cuz you dont play him and you can counter backflip...

  • Try to be me
  • rep 61 Shinboi main
  • s7 comes out
  • Wow Wow Wow
  • new reworks
  • Valk and Warden viable wtf
  • Warden fun to play
  • he counters backflip
  • Shinboi no longer good counter
  • fuck
  • gets on ranked
  • where the heck is that competetive tournament mode everyone used to play
  • see duel in weird ass double triangle
  • enters fortune well
  • spins Shaman on placements
  • fml
  • tries to not dc
  • 1 round
  • this bitch turtle
  • side heavy, side heavy
  • tries an actuall quadash
  • hits kick
  • shit no stam
  • block first zone part
  • fckin reflex
  • got destroyed
  • tryhard on
  • holy shit
  • random ranged hit
  • rolz clos
  • nothing to feint
  • hits kickflap
  • got nothing
  • tries light spam
  • gets parried
  • still havent used backflip
  • goes full aggresive
  • got daggered
  • this bitch vampire wtf
  • got succed to deth
  • Round 3
  • goes to geyser
  • harakiri bitch
  • feelsbadman
  • queue up
  • got the same guy
  • evryday Im turtlin
  • realise Shinboi is trash
  • no sf, no openers, no side attacks, no unbs, no mixups
  • go to see patch notes from 2 months ago
  • oh shit got some health
  • waits 10 min
  • queues up
  • pls no Shamam
  • bitch prolly gone
  • oh shit 3 min mark
  • finally a match
  • picks Aramusha
  • it shouldnt be taht bad
  • plays against lawbro
  • more like lawdong
  • shoveshoveshoveshoveshove
  • he blocking evry starter
  • got 3-0ed
  • watch me rollin
  • watch me derank
  • even tho i lost all placements
  • still proud not to backflip
  • and spamlight
  • and rah
  • maybe cuz i dont play conq i dont rah
  • thats just subjective opinion
  • quees up
  • waits 10 lightning macqueen years
  • fights 20 turtling incredibilis
  • got this is spartad to many times
  • losing hope of getting to bronze 4
  • finally
  • assassin
  • oh shiet Thicckeeper
  • she gonna spam
  • my reflex is 1 sec
  • should do alright
  • spams light chain
  • wins 2.5 round
  • this bitch got no health
  • wtf is this first 3-0 in me lif ?
  • is this mah ranked win
  • hyped af
  • light light light
  • bitch got one bar
  • wtf
  • throwing controller all around my room
  • bitch dced
  • goes on reddit
  • ask how to improve Shinboi skillz
  • git gud and stop playing cancer
  • backflips to r/competetiveforhonor
  • ask a question
  • no one answers
  • go to bed crying
  • you hear notification sound
  • you hyped af
  • got reddit reply
  • "git gud"
  • picks up For Honor 3 months later
  • Shinboi 0.01% play rate
  • wtf happened
  • opens patch notes
  • new outfits
  • Aramusha buff ?
  • Shugo rework ?
  • Cent got opener ?
  • wet dreams come tru
  • bitch weeboos cool af
  • see shino backflip nerf
  • no worries i dont use backflip
  • goes on reddit
  • "shino valk tier"
  • "basiclly unplayable"
  • "they should delete him"
  • i dont speam chinese
  • bitches got released
  • no season pass no goodies
  • waits 2 weeks
  • switch religion and faction
  • plays shinoobie v2
  • shit he much better
  • trash talk all othee factions
  • gets silver till they fckin op
  • they get nerfed
  • fml
  • plays meta picks
  • spam rah
  • shield bash shield bash shield bash
  • become worthy playrr
  • no need for advice
  • found spam heaven
  • sits in silver thrash talking friends
  • tru honorable player
  • boost mah ego
  • go around reddit
  • spam git gud on every post
  • mom started feeding me
  • i got job
  • i work in salt mine
  • rah
  • parents are proud
  • rah till your dead
  • gets enough money
  • go on crusade
  • Deus Vult.
  • got killed irl
  • xd ak so funnh
  • writes post on reddit
  • fckin dies
  • best experience of m......

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