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You’re the one off topic. This is commercial is about men??? Not Muslims??

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You are so fucking retarded it hurts me.

Why do you resort to name calling? And politically incorrect, offensive terms at that? What did I do to you besides disagree?

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You disagree with common knowledge because it causes cognitive dissonance in you. Ergo you are a retard. See ya

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PI’m not privileged, my life is a struggle, but in terms of money its needed to survive and have a functional life. I’m not using it to show off or to make frivolous choices. I’m also not judging someone for how much money they have or don’t have. And I personally only have sex when I have a connection with someone, but the connection to me is more important than the sex. The sex is a feature of a great connection. And no, I don’t have that kind of connection with people a lot. But friendship and respect is also just as important to me. There are things in the world much bigger than myself, I choose to be aware of that stuff and I hope I can affect change in the future.

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You dodged both questions. Sounds pretty privileged.

Not everything is black and white. They weren’t yes or no questions.

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Are you currently financially and sexually satisfied is a pretty straight forward question lol

I don't get this at all. What about Madcap makes it feel like it's full of Jordan Peterson fans? Like... do you frequently overhear people talking about lobsters or making their beds? How the heck does a "conservatively oriented barista" manifest itself? When you place your coffee order, do they check to make sure you're not gay before they make it?

I swear people just shoehorn in their ideological dislikes to every other thing they happen to dislike.

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3 People has cross tattoos. Madcap is clearly a den for nazis.

That’s more what I was assuming but the third time I noticed three white guys with big crosses tattooed on their necks I began to wonder.

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Oh god the horror

Dropped three tabs of acid after a Travis Scott concert. I was being dropped off at my apartment and was coming up really hard. I got a phone call from my roommates mom asking if my roommate was alright and if I had heard from him. Nothing terribly out of the ordinary was happening but it was messing with my acid addled head. Anyways, I enter my apartment and start to get settled In so I use the bathroom. There is blood all over the sink, floor, walls, pretty much everywhere. It looked like my roommates girlfriends stabbed him or something. I’m starting to panic a bit so I check my roommates room. It’s the same story in their room blood on the walls blood on the sheets and carpet. I was having a hard time piecing what happened together so I just went to laydown in my bed and try not to freakout.

About 2 hours later my roommate came home with his head bandaged and told me what happened. He stood up on the bed while having sex with his girlfriend and the ceiling fan blasted him in the head. I was very relieved to see him and got a huge kick out of the story.

The other most fucked up situation was setting up my internet provider while tripping on 3 tabs lol.

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Do dmt

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It’s over for dmtcels

Now that is a braphog

You fucking kidding me? I'm a trump supporter. Just because I'm not confirming to your idealogy in this specific instance and look how you treat me. Who's the one acting like a deranged liberal here?

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You are still the deranged liberal bud

Notice how that boy in the middle looks nothing like his father. He is a kid but yet is almost the same height as the man, the boy don't have red hair. Don't need glasses etc.

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From her other marriage. They mentioned their first kid together was a girl. I like how the woman calls it “art.” She needed an outlet to express creativity so she chose pole dancing? Lol

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