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So fucking fake. Outrage culture strikes again

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Nope not fake at all, PETA actually puts down animals. Look it up.

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Do you honestly believe everything you read on the internet?

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PETA takes animals and puts them down. Thinking they'd be better off dead than in "servitude to humans".

One more step towards the states becoming less democratic

Even for an international student in Canada it's only 21-30,000, and around 7,000 for residents. That's crazy.

I'm so sorry that you two had this experience. There is only one place in London that I would not want to walk alone at night, and that is Richmond street when the bars close.

I hope your boyfriend is ok, and I hope those sick idiots get caught

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Yeah the partying uni students dont like being told that can't drink anymore and needa go home.

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Yes there's a lot of cognitive dissonance in the world but let's not get carried away thinking that literally everyone is living an insane satire. If the video was literally of the parent recording his son screaming inside a cooler then it would be their fault and this evidence would prove it.

Edit: wait wtf, the video actually had the kid going inside and getting trapped:

Robert Wanes shared a Facebook video on March 5 of his son Nicholas playing in the cooler and getting locked inside. Dressed in a pair of blue swim trunks, the boy is seen climbing into the box and peeking under the cooler’s lid before the latch closes

We do live in an insane satire.

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The parents weren't in the room with him

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Do your research and bring it with you to the consultation. That made a very good impression on my doctor. This sub's wiki has tons of really good resources. Bring a legal pad or binder and a pen. Have a list of questions and take notes. It also helps with the nervousness to have something like that to hold - it's something to do with your hands.

I hope it goes well!

Edit: Also, practice what you want to say out loud, even if it's just alone in the car. It helps you sound more sure of yourself - saying it out loud is now familiar territory.

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Yeah even just having it all in writing so you know how to word things or where to find answers to questions if you get flustered in the moment.

There was actually someone who had a whole binder making kit with a website and files to use for it. Not sure where it is though.

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I know we’re still young and naive, but all the time, we ask each other, how do couples that love each other not get along? Our lives revolve around just loving each other wholeheartedly. We also saw a study that said the average couple only talks for 20 mins a day. I was shocked until I remembered that the average couple has kids they have to take care of.

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Well that's a disturbingly small number. I'm long distance with my boyfriend and we talk more than that everyday. I couldn't imagine what that's like. What's the point of the whole "but faammily" thing if they don't even have time to talk really.

I would be less inclined to believe it’s the heavy lifting and instead stress that causes miscarriages. Manual labor jobs can be stressful and if someone who is already struggling to conceive as this study said was their population group is in a stressful job it might make it harder still. I also assume this since they found similar results in people who work night shifts which previous research has shown increases cortisol levels a stress hormone.

The heavy lifting just seems like the obvious behavior but isn’t necessarily the cause. I wouldn’t trust the study without looking at the actual research paper and to see if a) it was published in a peer reviewed journal and b) if the hourly was a pay to publish (meaning lower standards). I’d also want to see what other variables they controlled for.

Edit: after reading a bit more they even state that they didn’t control for stress and chemical exposure. I’d take this all with a grain of salt.

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There are also studies that support women working out daily during pregnancy. Also documented pregnancies with healthy babies where this was done everyday as well.

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