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This articles talks about social media and how we have reached the point we are at now. Social media plays a key role in ICT nowadays.

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This article discusses some of the inequalities women face when it comes to the pay gap.

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This is another very relevant article to our discussions in class. Again, I find it really interesting to consider how these trends will effect our country in the future. What should we be doing right now to prepare ourselves?

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This article is very relevant to the population pyramids we discussed in class. It's interesting to consider how this is going to affect our country in the future and how will we try and resolve it.

Something should be done to stop these sea level from rising so fast. Every state should pay attention to this news and improve on what to do in order to reduce the greenhouse emissions.

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I agree. I think states need to take action now more than ever. Our situation is only becoming worse and its important we act before it is too late.

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I'm glad to see Norway taking the future of climate change seriously and that they are making decisions with future generations in mind. This seems to be something America is not doing at all currently.

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The difference between the military budget of other countries and ours never fails to amaze me. When will be enough for us to spend and is the money we spend really helping anyone?

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I really like that this article is a call to action for the international community. I think it's absolutely right that the international community needs to aid Iraq to prevent further devastation. If Iraq continues to be left without aid, it could destabilize a lot more than just their country.

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