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Not really, they are quite good.


Here is the story:

I didn't ejaculate for at least 38 days (might be a day or two more). I did edge a couple of times though. Today I decided to reset as I was bored and edged a bit too much trough the week. I expected it to be messy (because of the long time), but I also expected it to be fun. Messy it was, but fun, no, not at all. It was actually burning a bit when I've done it and the satisfaction was small if not non-existent.

After this experience, I feel that nofap will be much easier to do as every time I think about doing it, I will realize that it is not enjoyable at all and will just go do something else.

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**STEAM LINK (**even though it's private as I still haven't spent 5$ on steam):

RANK: silver IV

AGE: 17

SEX: male

COUNTRY: Bosnia and Herzegovina

LANGUAGE(S): English, Ex-yugo languages (Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian)

GOALS: To have fun and learn from more experienced players


When you edge, should you just finish what you started and go from the beginning or just ignore it and continue with nofap?


Here is the main problem:
I cannot use some resolutions on my monitor(1440x900, 1280x720), but can use some(1280x1024) even though I could use them before.

My pc specs:
AMD turion triple-core 8450
4gb ram
AMD HD 3650
(if this has any use)

Here is the story of how this happened:
We bought two graphics cards and decided to see if any worked (the guy selling us seemed to not know if they even work so we figured 5$, why not). So we decided to test them (one was amd hd 3870 r2 1gb and other one we dont exactly know but it doesn't seem to work at all). We plugged in this amd card and tried it but the monitor just went insane and started changing different colors. We did notice that we didn't actually have power connectors that were needed for graphics to work on our PSU but still tried to test if it will even spin the fans (which it did from just the motherboard). We also did a couple of experiments on that card latter but not on the PC anymore. Anyways, when we finished all that, we plugged in the old graphics card and turned the PC on and then we noticed, the screen resolution was different (it was 1280x1024). I tried switching resolutions but I just got out of reach and then it reverted back to 1280x1024. I also tried reinstalling graphics drivers (even though I didn't expect change), and tried to use integrated graphics on motherboard.

Thanks !

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