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I have a laptop with nvidia geforce 9650m gs graphics card. Until now pc always showed me 512mb of dedicated video memory. Today my screen started glitching and going black. That problem slowly disappeared but couple of them stayed.

Here are the problems:-gifs and videos on gfycat(but only on SD not HD and not every time, sometimes it manages to work but usually doesn't) are just glitching and showing chunks of different shades of green.-dedicated video memory is showing 256mb instead of 512mb

Something interesting just happened. I checked my dedicated video memory [haven't installed a new system] and it came back to 512mb and gifs are working well. Maybe it just needed some rest, overheated or something like that.


It may be close to dead. It is a 10 year old chip...

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

It might be that you are right. I mean it really is old technology but I'm still wondering if there might be something else. Anyways, I might try to do a fresh windows installation on the laptop. Would that work?

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