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Posted byHomeland5 days ago
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Love, Death & Robots - Series Premiere Discussion

Love, Death & Robots

Premise: The animated anthology series (inspired by 1970s comic books) from David Fincher and Tim Miller features 18 episodes that range from five to 15 minutes long.

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I really love the series and hope to see more soon. Wish I could see some of the short not if all of them made into a mini series. Great and amazing job on animations and stories.

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4 points · 7 hours ago · edited 7 hours ago

The animation in these was great, but otherwise there was not mutch there. I understand that it is hard to right a 10 minute short story, and have likable characters and a good story, but besides of SUITS and a few others, i felt that they were lacking in those. They just didnt seem to have a point, something that sticks with you after seeing it. Many of the episodes were "spectacles", the fighting and action were in focus, but it is really hard to care what happends if you are not invested in the story or characters. I hope that they invest in better writers if they continue this series. The series has good reviews in IMDB so i might be in the minority here. Could be that my opinion would change after a second viewing

I liked 4/18 of the episodes.

My complaining about the episodes:

  1. Sonnies edge -Character driven, but not enough time to get to know them to care, the fight was cool enough i guess. 2/5

  2. Three robots - The personalities of the robots were fun enough, i laughed at one joke, but otherwise void of humor, your basic humans are stupid, unlike we robots and cats jokes. The twist was dumb 2/5

  3. The Witness - Maybe the worst, completely pointless. My guess of what the script was: murder, running, strip scene, running, murder, 1/5

  4. SUITS - Great characters, story, interesting world/idea. Not a moment waisted, i loved it, i wish it was a full film. 5/5 maybe

  5. Sucker of souls - It was ok, the characters were ok 3/5

  6. The yougurt one, funny enough, nothing else going for it tough. 2/5

  7. Beyond the aqualia rift - This one was good, i liked the ending. 3/5

  8. Skipped this

  9. The dump - I cant decide what to feel about this one, i dont feel anything. 2.1/5

  10. Shape shifters - was more emotionally driven, the characters were ok, but i think even i could come up with a story as standard as this, and i am not good at writing. 3/5

  11. Helping hand - very good, a great tone, visuals and the dialog. The second best 5/5

  12. Fish night - again, what was the point of this? 1/5

  13. Lucky 13 - i dont have a opinion, very neutral. 2/5

  14. Zima blue - Gets thumbs up, a good story and ending. 4/5

  15. Blind spot - I enjoyed the characters and the action, well done again. 4/5

  16. Ice age - I cant think of anything to say. x/5

  17. Alternate histories - Unimaginative. It felt like the filler episode if there ever was one. 1/5

  18. The Secret war - Good. It was easy to invest into the characters, great action and visuals, good horror. 4/5

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2 points · 22 hours ago · edited 21 hours ago

Shapeshifter is probably my favorite episode, I love the integration of werewolves serving in armed forces, it entwines very uniquely. I even like to name the episode as “The Wolf Among Grunts.”

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So many of these were great. It was cool seeing some recognizable faces in the CGI stories and also hearing familiar voice work. I just finished Fish Night which is the first one I didnt care for at all so I'm not done yet.

The only ones I think could possibly benefit from being an extended form of media so far are Good Hunting, Sonnie's Edge, Suits, and maybe the one with the werewolf soldier. Those worlds have some strong possibilities. I don't want to see the same characters be central again but I would like follow-up animations set in the same worlds as those. The rest I feel are perfectly made for the format given and would lose some magic if extended on.

I loved Beyond the rift because I couldn't help but think of Mass Effect which was the first thing to ever put me on space opera, lovecraftian, and deep lore based stuff across the board. I really want an amazing space epic videogame series again that doesn't lose form after the first entry full of creepy space stories like we saw in Beyond. lol

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I've never seen CG human faces that good. It took me a minute to realise it was CG.

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Currently having a discussion with my buddy; Topher Grace and the lady are definitely CGI, correct?

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I think that part is not cgi

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Utopia4 points · 1 day ago

Huh... I feel a bit alone, reading the comments, because i thought this was really weak. I only liked 1 or 2 shorts, but the rest felt bad to me. I understand the purpose of this anthology and i like the concept, but the vast majority of the shorts looked bad to me and some felt like it didn't belong there.

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Your not.

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I liked 4. Otherwise i felt like i wasted my time. I really hated The Witness, and many of the episodes were as pointless. I hope they recruit better writers, i so dont understand the 9.1 on imdb

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Exactly. I was expecting something like Heavy Metal. I'm not a big fan of the animation styles, nothing really fits together.

I love short stories, but most of these felt like cut-scenes out of video games and parts of animated movies. Maybe its just not my thing.

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3 points · 1 day ago

My absolute favorite was "Good Hunting". Just the magic of the whole episode is just so... wow!!

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3 points · 1 day ago

Such an amazing first season.

The animations, artstyles and different stories each episode makes it such an entertaining series.

Beyond the Aquila Rift is easily my favorite one. But each episode is really great and has something to offer.

Hoping for a season 2!

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Beyond the Aquila Rift was the most stunning CG since Avatar. They actually nailed the uncanny valley.

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Oh wow I thought the wolves were a genetically engineered unit of soldiers but they are literal werewolves lmao

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2 points · 1 day ago

The best thing about this show is in my opinion the different genres/storys/animations. Everybody has an episode that stands out for them but nobody really agrees. For some beyomd the aquila rift was a cliché horror sci-fi but I liked it a lot.

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It seems like they made this show by going to different animation studios and saying "The theme is Love, Death and Robots, make a show."

I love it.

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Witness was visually stunning mate! sure it wasn't all that mysterious like others and I figured out was going on too. But I still didn't fully know what was gonna happen if that was just the story of how she died or were they gonna go on this endless game of killing each other. And art alone brought it higher on my list then alot of the funnier ones. But I did rewatch it yesterday and it will be moving back.

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This one stood out to me. I would like to learn more about how it was animated. The motions of the characters look 100% convincing as though it were live action. But some stuff is just so obviously animated that it had my mind tricked and I couldn't figure out how this was actually made. If it is truly animated like no live action actors, with animation drawn over it, then it is truly mind blowing how they were able to mimic the fluid and organic movements of real life. And just cinematically, it's gorgeous.

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Ehhh, the damsel in distress sex worker plot killed it for me. The shock value of the ending wasn't enough to wash the foul taste from my mouth.

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How exactly is she a damsel in distress when you defended herself?

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She's a damsel in distress because the plot is: she runs practically naked through the streets being chased by a murderer. The resolution was shoehorned for shock value, it didn't justify the objectification throughout the short.

There's no interesting commentary about sex work. See also how Sonnie's Edge uses gang rape as a plot point with absolutely no attempt to engage with the topic.

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She's a damsel in distress because the plot is: she runs practically naked through the streets being chased by a murderer. The resolution was shoehorned for shock value, it didn't justify the objectification throughout the short.

I'm not saying the objectification is justified, but that she was simply running from a murderer but eventually defended herself.

That's not quite damsel in distress as the trope goes.

See also how Sonnie's Edge uses gang rape as a plot point with absolutely no attempt to engage with the topic.

Actually Sonny explicitly does, saying the rape has nothing to do with her edge. The brutality she suffered also led to requiring her mind to be transplanted elsewhere.

But it provides a neat cover story for the truth. If people knew the truth they would try to kill the beast with her in it outside a match.

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I'll concede your point about the witness, but imo the nudity is still gratuitous and unnecessary, all to boost the sex appeal of the short.

As far as Sonnie goes, all the story sats about gang rape is that it's brutal, and then it is used as a neat plot point. That's not the kind of engagement media should be making with the topic in 2019. I do like the quip about how it's not her edge though.

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