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Proven Innocent - Series Premiere Discussion

Proven Innocent

Premise: When attorney Madeline Scott (Rachelle Lefevre) was younger she was wrongly convicted and now she helps those like her with the help of her team that includes: attorney Ezekiel "Easy" Boudreau (Russell Hornsby), investigator Bodie Quick (Vincent Kartheiser), and communications director Violet (Nikki M. James) in this legal drama from David Elliot and Danny Strong.

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It's like Revenge with less interesting backstory, characters, and acting.

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Did anyone recognize the landscape where Rosemary Lynch was killed? Google searching "cliffs Illinois" has not been productive.

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I tried to like it but couldn't get more than halfway through the second episode. Nearly every single Character is completely unlikable. I don't think the creators or writers asked a single lawyer if anything in the show is even remotely accurate.

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The creator who co-wrote the episode and the showrunner are lawyers which somehow makes the inaccuries even worse.

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"Judge we proved that the confession was coerced and that the fire was accidental."

Judge: "LOL I don't care."

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4 points · 1 month ago

My wife turned it off after about 10 min and said she wasn't going to watch anymore of it.

The opening scene was dumb, the "podcast" that lasted 30 seconds was dumb, the Christian guy who just walks up to people and quotes the Bible like everyone loves that is dumb, etc.

I dunno, sometimes shows get better but it was pretty bad.

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I almost did not recognize Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser) with the beard.

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What trash! Couldn't get past moronic, illegal and ludicrous opening scene--as if her 911 call wouldn't be traced, as if you can just take blood samples without permission and walk away from a crime scene with no consequences.

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It's all part of suspension of disbelief. It's not about sheer amount of it but what the creators gain by using this sacrifice.

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Sherlock4 points · 1 month ago

Almost didn't recognize Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell from Mad Men) underneath all that hair and the beard (he plays Bodie, an investigator who works for the criminal defense firm). But I knew that voice ;)

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Thank you! I knew he looked familiar! I was like did I go to high school with this guy? Who tf is he lol. I just could not place him.

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Oh my Gosh! I KNEW he looked familiar!!!

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5 points · 1 month ago

I find the antagonistic white couple too unrealistic, forcing the typical mean girl and jock bully high school couple that got married and never matured.

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Ep 2 is online

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1 point · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

It was okay, so I'll watch it for a while. Always nice to see Kelsey Grammer.

I've been looking for a new courtroom drama since In Contempt got cancelled (afaik) which kind of pissed me off, especially as the Shondaland bs show For The People got continued. I always wished the producers/writers/director of The Night Of, had another go, because that show was damn awesome.

EDIT: oops (downvoted), I seem to have upset a butt hurt Shonda fan lol

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I hate Shondaland, but FTP is probably the most tolerable of her shows I've seen. Didn't watch Murder, but Scandal was atrocious and GA's drama is so melodramatic.

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Always nice to see Kelsey Grammer

It's basically his Boss character. And I love it. He was fantastic in it. He is truly underrated great theater actor. Despite all the accolades of Frasier, he is not appreciated enough for his dramatic skills in Boss.

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Wasn’t too bad, I will tune in for the next episode. That said, this show has been done many times before. It is very similar to the shows from the past couple years called “Conviction” and “Doubt”, both of which got cancelled after 1 season. I will give it a shot and hope that it differentiates itself enough.

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Loved me some Conviction. I'm 3 episodes in on Proven Innocent and it's watchable even if the courtroom scenes require suspension of disbelief.

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Every episode ends with them winning on some obscure technicality and the crowd going wild. Whoever wrote this show has never been in a court room. Its just not believable at all even though I'm curious where its going.

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I really enjoyed it for what it was! Seems a bit like every other crime show I've seen so nothing ground-breaking. I'm interested to know who the killer is who I suspect to be Maggie herself or maybe I'm being too wishful for them to go the "not so innocent" route which I'm sure will be the twist if they'd go for it which I'm sure won't happen.

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I have a feeling it's the reporter guy. I'm usually pretty good at figuring out the killer in these types of shows. He rubbed me the wrong way. But it's possible he is also a red herring and it's someone else from that night that has yet to show up in the show.

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