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Russian Doll - Series Premiere Discussion

Russian Doll

Premise: Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) goes to a party as the guest of honor and ends up dead, only to awakens the next day and doing it all over again in this comedy co-created by Lyonne, Amy Poehler and Leslye Headland.

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The biggest question I have about this show... Who has a party on Sunday night?

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9 points · 3 days ago

This show was terrific, I’d been putting off watching it but I’m so so glad I was sick tonight and just felt like binging something. 10/10 the more I think about it the more the dots connect for me for different plot lines. I love shows like this.

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While they were walking past passerby, I noticed an Albert Einstein lookalike, (theory of relativity?) i saw a comment about a fight club tyler durden character in bandersnatch show too..

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DAE find Alan's interaction with his mother odd? Like there Is a whole backstory to him that explains how uptight he is with his mom emphasizing that he could not miss work?

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Loved everything and the casting was spot on except for Dascha as Beatrice. She doesn't seem like a pearl-wearing PhD on John Updike.

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So they really did converged huh? The last scene Alan was wearing the red scarf and Nadia was wearing the shorter black jacket

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8 points · 5 days ago · edited 1 day ago

Did anybody else think that the show also works extremely well as an allegory for recovery from drug addiction? Lyonne has stated that the series is inspired by her life, and the disorienting feeling as the series progresses and she begins to lose friends and possessions kinda mirrors the experience of those who hit rock bottom.

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I like this take!

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Great show, binged it in one sitting. One thing i noticed I couldn't shake: the level of weirdness people would tolerate from the main characters.

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Comment deleted by user6 days ago(3 children)
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You know it isn't compulsory to watch a whole series if you don't relate to it or don't like it right? People are allowed to enjoy things they choose relate to. It has nothing to do with undermining traditional males, and you must be a very sensitive individual if you think it does. If a female character in a show is enough to make you feel this insecure about your masculinity, it's probably not that secure to begin with. People can enjoy things subjectively, you hating something doesn't actually determine its worth to other people. And you sound way more butthurt than any of the comments you'll receive on your petulant little rant.

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Comment deleted by user6 days ago(0 children)
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17 points · 6 days ago · edited 6 days ago

Wow such an articulate and demonstrative response! You're clearly of superior intellect so there's just no point in me disagreeing with your astute and concise observations of this random Netflix show. I've decided that I too think it's terrible now, because your erudite scruitiny has totally changed my perspective.

Edit: Oh no! What will become of humanity if one female character in a show destroys the masculinity of all men on the planet! I think we should just ban women from being in shows now, unless they play soft homey pregnant characters. It's really the only way, wouldn't want your manhood to be any more fragile than it already is!

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11 points · 7 days ago

I only gave this series a change because of Natasha Lyonne, and tbh I didn't have high hopes, but I like it and ended up watching the whole series at one time.

Is there going to be 2nd season? Part of me hopes that they don't do 2nd season (atleast not with the same characters) because many TV shows has last too long and it kind of ruins whole show. But I loved it and I'd watch if they would make 2nd season. It feels like there was some unsolved things, like when Nadia saw herself as a little girl. Or maybe it was just meant to reflect on how bad the glitch was, but that definitely could also be a clue to the second season.

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3 points · 6 days ago

I think you'd have to interpret visual shorthand extremely literally to consider elements like that as unresolved plot.

I'll be shocked if they make a second season as the story was complete and the time loop shit won't actually be interesting on its own to just reiterate with different characters.

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1 point · 4 days ago

Yeah I agree my thoughts about that specific scene being a plot to second season is kind of far-fetched, but just pointing out all thinkable theories that comes to my mind.

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2 points · 5 days ago

They’ve actually stated in interviews the show was pitched as a three season arc.

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2 points · 5 days ago

It being pitched a certain way doesn't mean the end product is the same exact way. They seem to have trimmed it down to this one season.

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4 points · 5 days ago

Here is what Lyonne and Headland said recently about it! It looks like they're planning for future story potential.

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22 points · 7 days ago · edited 7 days ago

Heavy spoilers, there are two things, one of them nobody is talking about, that could be the clue to how the 3 seasons will work:

The first is Nadia already knowing Horse, and Oatmeal being able to travel between timelines, it's probably that first death wasn't actually the first death and the whole deal with Oatmeal switching from one timeline to another while Nadia was holding him and in the final episode. All of this could be the key for another season.

The other thing is the thing nobody is talking about, Alan noticed some numbers in the wall in the party when he confronted Mike, those numbers looked like some sort of code but they never got brought back again, those numbers could be the proof the universe is coded and programmed, whether they are in a game or it's real it doesn't matter, the universe being coded and having bugs could be another final season.

And that's why 3 Nadias meet in the end in the parade, each Nadia is one from each season, we just saw the one from the first season get back with the Alan from the first season, but the other two that are traveling between universes need to get to that parade too.

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5 points · 3 days ago

Alan noticed some numbers in the wall in the party when he confronted Mike, those numbers looked like some sort of code but they never got brought back again

I know this is fairly old, but I thought the numbers were her phone number, as some sort of art piece made up of her number as a gift or odd thing. That's how he "knew" her phone number.

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He didn't know her phone number. The "number" he knew was her "college fund" number.

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there were 3 Nadias in the end?? jeez I've really got to rewatch 🤔

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The two we see, which merge, and the one walking the opposite direction.

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Woah I missed that, thanks

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Good post. I missed most of those things.

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Just finished it and the wife and I LOVED it!

Also, it wraps up the storyline at the end of the season. Thank god. No cliffhangers at all.

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