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California Driver's License: A new look and procedure

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IMPORTANT: Your current California driver's license can be used at airport security through October 1, 2020. After that, it will have to be REAL ID compliant.

just in case you missed this in the article.. no need to rush to the dmv!

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No need to rush... Yet.

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17 points · 1 year ago

Is that Arial? Blecch.

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I have a passport card, it's the same size as a license. It gets you through the Mexican border way faster as there's a separate line for that which is why I initially got it. If the DMV is completely screwed up, I'd recommend getting the card.

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7 points · 1 year ago · edited 1 year ago

I guess you could use a passport, even an expired one, to fly to Boise or wherever, starting in November when the rules kick in.

The earliest time SF DMV will start doing issuing REAL IDs is Jan 22. Reservations are mandatory. The earliest reservation available now is nine weeks away, March 8th, at least at the Fell Street DMV. And then add 60 days for delivery.

$30 for just an ID card, $36 for a Driver License.

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7 points · 1 year ago · edited 1 year ago

What? The hell? I've been under the perception RealID was loudly shouted down by public dissent back in 2005. Apparently it was parsed out and passed piecemeal as riders on subsequent bills and now here we go with it rolling out through the California DMV. So disgusted by the continued erosion of rights in America.

Commit a crime? Applying for a job with security clearances or working with the public (eg children)? Great, finger-print and document biometrics to add to the database.

Rote biometric cataloging of all citizens? Stasi would have loved that. Once an abusive authoritarian, or an enemy, gets ahold of that database god help us.

EFF comments regarding privacy considerations of Real ID, from February 17, 2008:

Real ID

Threatening Your Privacy Through an Unfunded Government Mandate

The federal government is trying to force states to turn your drivers license into a national ID. Unless you tell your state legislator to push back the Real ID Act will create grave dangers to privacy and impose massive financial burdens without improving national security in the least.

Signed into law in May 2005 without meaningful debate the Real ID Act states that drivers licenses will only be accepted for "federal purposes"—like accessing planes trains national parks and court houses—if they conform to certain uniform standards. The law also requires a vast national database linking all of the ID records together.

Once the IDs and database are in place their uses will inevitably expand to facilitate a wide range of surveillance activities. Remember the Social Security number started innocuously enough but it has become a prerequisite for a host of government services and been coopted by private companies to create massive databases of personal information. A national ID poses similar dangers; for example because "common machine-readable technology" will be required on every ID the government and businesses will be able to easily read your private information off the cards in myriad contexts.

Real ID won't just cost you your privacy. The federal government didn't give the states funds to implement the law and overcome its many administrative burdens so the billions of dollars in costs will be passed down to you in the form of increased DMV fees or taxes.

And what will you get in return? Not improved national security because IDs do nothing to stop those who haven't already been identified as threats and wrongdoers will still be able to create fake documents. In fact the IDs and database will simply create an irresistible target for identity thieves.

It's not too late to fight back—state legislators can still resist implementing the Real ID Act and force Congress' hand. Learn more about Real ID through the links below and tell your representatives to oppose the Real ID Act.

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5 points · 1 year ago
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This is so dumb. Mostly because my wallet was stolen two days ago so I have to replace my license and then find time to somehow go back to get a placebo of safety called Real ID. Laaaaaame.

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you don't have to do it again if you're okay with just using your passport (assuming you have one).

on a personal note, i sympathize with you cause i lost my wallet during the holidays and learned all this stuff.

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I plan on using my passport until I can find time to get the new licenses. I’m going to the DMV on Monday, do they still replace licenses even if it’s the older one?

level 1 about a completely pointless, other than revenue generation, busy work change.

I’d literally pay someone 500 fucking American dollars to go to the DMV for me. That’s how bad it is. Now let’s add in THE ENTIRE ADULT POPULATION OF CALIFORNIA needing to go in in the next 2 years?? Clusterfuck doesn’t do it justice.

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10 points · 1 year ago

Pro tip: Daly City DMV will usually have you in and out within an hour, then you can go celebrate by going across the street to In-N-Out.

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Comment deleted by user1 year ago(2 children)
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3 points · 1 year ago

For a large portion of SF residents (especially the more car dependent neighborhoods) the Daly City DMV is a lot more convenient than the one located in SF.

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1 point · 1 year ago

You either for got your sarcasm tag or didn’t figure in the potential five hour travel time. I’m going to leave out all the other potential bullshit and opt for the Daly City experience.

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Cole Valley
28 points · 1 year ago

This isn't pointless, actually, at least not from the perspective of the California DMV.

Congress passed a law back in the middle of the last decade to require that state IDs meet certain requirements if they were going to be used as identification at federally controlled sites (the ones which matter to most of us are airports, but it also applies to military bases, nuclear facilities, and other similar locations).

Various states have been obtaining delays in implementation, but DHS has basically said they won't approve any more delays.

So either the California DMV changes its process or in 2020 nobody in CA can use their drivers' license to fly on an airplane.

As a CA citizen, I'm really glad the DMV is spending the time and money changing its process. I'd rather not have to use my passport on domestic flights, at least in part because that would mean that I couldn't fly during the months that my passport is being renewed.

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Global Entry card works fine as RealID.

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Cole Valley
2 points · 1 year ago

That's a fair point. And that only helps people who are able to pay the $100 and who have never been convicted of a crime and aren't under investigation for anything.

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Ooooooooooooooor......they could have proactively been phasing it in over the last 15 fucking years, instead of kicking the can down the road until the bitter mother fucking end??

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Cole Valley
11 points · 1 year ago

While they can certainly do that, it's not, as you described it, "a completely pointless, other than revenue generation, busy work change."

It's a change which is required to comply with federal law, and it's a federal law which is pretty clearly not motivated by the desire to increase revenue of state motor vehicle departments.

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Cole Valley
7 points · 1 year ago

(a) They're charging the same amount they would for an old drivers license. In NY, when I lived there, a Real-ID compliant ID was way more expensive than a standard drivers license. So CA isn't being money grubbing here.

(b) They waited this long because it's a royal pain in the ass. The federal rules require that they verify specific pieces of information, and EVERY PERSON IN THE STATE is going to have to get a new ID. This is a massive consumption of DMV employee time and resources that they've been trying to avoid by kicking the can down the road.

It would have been wiser not to play that game, but kicking the can down the road to avoid dealing with a major hassle seems like pretty normal human behavior and doesn't require nefarious intent.

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-7 points · 1 year ago(0 children)
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Cole Valley
8 points · 1 year ago

I'm not even sure this is incompetence.

If you're someone responsible for budget decisions, for example, it makes a lot of sense to defer implementation of something which will consume a lot of employee time (and therefore money), crowding out a lot of other things unless you hire a large number of temporary workers. Deferring until you must do it makes a lot of financial sense in the short-term and may not be that harmful in the long-term.

It makes for a terrible customer experience, to be sure. But that doesn't mean it's incompetent --- it just means it's valuing lower short term cost over better customer experience.

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The only thing the benefits is bloated layers of management making their numbers look good for 15 out of 17 years. At year 16 and 17, you cannot get fired from the DMV for incompetence.....hell, it’s fucking required at that point!

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Cole Valley
4 points · 1 year ago

I have never worked for a software development organization which actually did everything it should have done to make sure there weren't future problems.

You make cost-benefit and risk assessments and you go with risky decisions that reduce costs today but carry the possibility of high costs later. That's normal in the business world; I fail to see why we wouldn't expect it to be normal in the government sphere, too.

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I'm glad my current DL is expiring in 2019... I'll just wait until then, because something's telling me there won't be any refund for the invalidity period... /s

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Ridiculous. Ran into the same issue. Not a huge fan of it.

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Quelle connerie, hostie de calice de merde!

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