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How to deal with unlimited re-buy live tournaments

I've recently begun playing live poker after playing some small stakes online games. I really enjoyed and did alright considering it was my first time playing either tournament poker or playing live in any situation. My problem is that the tournament had un-limited re-buys (or re-entries - I can't remember and don't know the difference) so for the first two hours you had two options pre-flop - shove or fold. Every single hand. After the break (no more re-buys) it calmed down and we could play some proper poker but how am I supposed to play before that break? Should I treat it as if the entry fee is 7/8x what it actually is and shove on anything half decent or should I just fold until the break?

The casino I played at does have one "Freeze" tournament each week - they don't offer any re-buys at all, which I will play at next time, but is there some title that casinos will give to tournaments with limited re-buys?

Thanks for any responses

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Luckbox Life17 points · 1 year ago

Think about how ridiculously easy it is to play against terrible shoving ranges. Be prepared to rebuy if you get sucked out/ coolered. Easy.

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Rebuy vs rentry: rebuy allows you to top off as long as you keep paying. That's why this format is this all in type of game before the break. Rentry you have to lose all your chips and start over like a new player.

I will play rebuy because it's a fast loose game initially. The goal is to get as big of a stack as possible before they close the rebuy period. If you play solid you could do very well just playing very loose and aggressive and stacking a few players in the first few rounds and just keep rebuying if you don't hit.

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All in or fold tournaments are popular with casuals because you don't have to think about strategy. They don't have to worry about being out played, and folding the best hand. I would stay away from these, your flipping a coin for money not playing poker.

There isn't really a name for tournaments that allow re buys. Some do some don't. In general allowing re buys is great for good players, because poor players will buy-in again and again, adding to the prize pool. In general I never re-buy, if I bust, I bust. There will be another tournament next week.

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I play cards3 points · 1 year ago

Your argument for why rebuys are good for regs is wrong, but you're right that they benefit the regs. Go Fish...

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0 points · 1 year ago

I just wouldn't play these...

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