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Crossposted bySquirrel Hill South1 year ago

Oakland Parking Insanity


So my sister-in-law is currently living on Atwood, and has gone through all the trouble of getting the residential parking pass. However, she still gets tickets from the city.

From what my father-in-law has dug up, the permits are only good for after hours parking; they do nothing for during the day meaning she would have to move her car every hour on the hour to prevent getting a ticket.

Is this true? Any tips to help her out? I graduated years ago and didn't have a car so I'm not too familiar with it, but I don't remember parking in oakland being THAT awful.

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I have a feeling that she's either:

A. Using a guest pass as a permanent one

B. Has her license plate typed into her profile wrong

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I'm not sure what zone Atwood is in, but if she checks the zone letter posted on the street and it matches her zone parking permit, it should be just fine. I live down on zone E and after getting my permit I haven't run into any issue with tickets. But street cleaning is a pain because they will for sure ticket you for that.

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Also commented in the /r/Pitt post, but your father-in-law is mistaken:

§ 549.11 - PERMIT PARKING EXEMPTION. A resident motor vehicle on which is displayed a valid parking permit as provided for here in this Chapter shall be permitted to stand or to be parked in the residential parking permit area for which the permit has been issued without being limited by time restrictions established pursuant to this Chapter. The resident motor vehicle shall not be exempt from parking restrictions or prohibitions established pursuant to other authority. All other motor vehicles except emergency vehicles parked within a residential area shall be subject to the time restrictions adopted as provided in this Chapter. A residential parking permit shall not guarantee or reserve the holder thereof a designated parking space within the designated residential parking area.

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If she continues to have trouble and has a valid permit, not a visitors pass, she should contact the parking authority directly at Phone: 412-560-7275.

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