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Does it feel like hero XP has been nerfed for anyone else?

I don't have firm data to support this, completely anecdotal.

However, pre tower/minion changes, I feel like I would never have a match that would result in less than 100k XP. Now in wins it feels like my matches result in 100-150k XP, and my losses are 50-80k XP.

It may be a byproduct of the matches lasting way shorter amounts of time, however I feel like this winter veil it's just not even worth trying to level heroes for boxes. Then again I don't remember a single game prior to the tower changes that resulted in less than 100k XP.

Once again purely anecdotal. Would love to see data if anyone actually tracks that.

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Master Auriel
11 points ยท 1 year ago

The games are shorter on average. Shorter games award less xp.

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Master Kharazim
3 points ยท 1 year ago

Accidental snowball meta makes getting moar lootboxes hard. Blizz doesn't want me to draw that sweet sweet Winter's Halper Valla skin easy.

It's still worth leveling heroes for boxes though, imo. Even if you try to compare what you might have gotten pre-patch vs. what you'll actually get now, maybe get a couple more in the former scenario vs the latter. You still get more in the current situation by leveling them vs not leveling them.

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0 points ยท 1 year ago

Placebo, exp is the same.

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