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What the hell is going on at my local sandwich shop?

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15 points · 1 year ago

I'd show up at 9.25, just to show I care enough to be 15 minutes early.

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You seem like a bright young lad. How about I pay you $3-5 dollarydoos an hour?

And how do I know you're not a dinosaur?

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Well they don’t open till 3, so you’ll be a bit more than 15 minutes early.

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Fool! That is decimal time, so 9.25 would be 5 minutes early.

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Whatever it is, i wouldn't mind working there. Seems like a fun place.

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I dunno, this trend of childish adults is a bit irritating IMO.

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There is a line between silly, and childish. I do agree, and some people take it a little far.

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Even if Trump ever notices this at all, he just feeds off the negative attention.

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3 points · 1 year ago

Well, being an adult sucks. I wish I could be zany and/or relevant.

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I know, I'm already getting to that humorless "kids these days harumph" stage in life apparently!

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That's odd. I would think a dinosaur in a deli would attract some business. Hmmm, maybe his arms are to short to work the meat slicer.

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Everyone who works here is a bit wacky you know. No, that shit gets old quickly.

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This place is delicious:

Definitely has a hipster vibe, but probably worth checking out if anyone seeing this is ever in the area.

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"I ain't gonna hire no Try-share-some-lox"

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Something something tree-fidy.

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