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UN anti-blasphemy measure threat to freedom of speech

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2 points · 9 years ago · edited 9 years ago

Alright, that's it. Pack it up, we're going home. The UN was good while it lasted, but this is just retarded.

I never thought I'd be supportive of a US boycott of the UN, especially since Iraq, but I can't help but agree with this. If I want to call your religion a bunch of hokey, I will. And you can call my lack thereof a bunch of hokey, and that's cool too. It's better to hurt people's feelings than justify people killing each other because of those hurt feelings.

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1 point · 9 years ago

The UN is a talking shop. Every so often it will come up with a stupid idea such as this and if others aren't wide awake enough to show how ridiculous it is then then the idea will get passed as people become more and more afraid to vote against it.

Please remember that with the way the US has played fast and loose with the UN over the last administration, the US can hardly object that the UN is coming up with strange recommendations. In fact actually, the last administration's religious right would probably have agreed with it.

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Ehm, pardon me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the reason for the boycott critical remarks about Israel? I might got that mixed up though ..

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The truth is more complex than Hitchens and lou dobbs let on. This is all happening inside the Human Rights council and is non binding. The General assembly has never passed any binding resolutions on this.

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