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They should make one seat in every stadium empty for a 360 camera that you could watch the game from in a VR setup.

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They would potentially lose sales unless it was very costly. Plus the risk that someone will interfere with the camera, or hold something NSFW up to it.

I mean, the theory would be awesome but the execution would go so, so wrong.

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23 points · 1 year ago

People will still love to go to games. You get a better view on TV but people still attend games. But if a vr ticket can be sold for 5 bucks, and that seat can now be sold to 1000 people, conservatively, that's a $5000 seat, vs $50-200 a seat. That's the price of 25 of the most expensive seats for one seat. And those are very conservative numbers. People from the opposing teams that could never travel to the away park would probably be willing to pay for a live stream from a good seat.

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I don't know why but I didn't image it being baseball. I imagined it being football or something. Might be because I'm in Europe.

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(360 cameras + Drones + Robotics + Quantum Computing) + (VR + AR) = I don't need to go outside anymore.

I am Lucky I didn't kill myself.

Happy 2018 everyone.

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Have you watched Black Mirror?

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Learn from Black Mirror, I did.

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Meanwhile in South Dakota

It's too damn cold to fly a drone :(

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Maybe in the distant future you could POV any player...would be cool to see it from that perspective.

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As someone who's not very interested in sports, but very interested in VR or AR tech, I would love to see how they could pull this off, it would probably be pretty groundbreaking when/if it happens

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The newest Death Race did that.

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(Obligatory “I work in VR”) There are several companies working on this and many events are already watchable both recorded and live in VR.

My personal preference for event video is two cameras pointed forward because you get 3D stereoscopic depth and you don’t care about the things behind you anyway. Cylindrical lightfield style recordings like the Jump camera are the highest quality videos you can watch right now with apps like YouTube VR. Primary limitations currently are resolution both in the number of pixels you can smash into a headset and how big file sizes get when you stream them. Plus, you have to double it for two eyes. So, trying to stream 8k video is difficult for consumer bandwidth and details get lost in the compression, then you view it through the resolution of current consumer headsets and the players don’t look very clear, or are a few pixels tall.

Obviously these are temporary problems as resolution, compression, and internet connectivity all progress and become more affordable. Many also help the size problem by putting the camera closer, like right on the stage for music, but then the band is always looking out and away. As it is today, there are several concerts, sporting events, presentations, and things like the presidential inauguration that were live streamed and watchable through different apps. Because the people making the videos are learning, too, they can vary in quality drastically.

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3 points · 1 year ago

Theoretically speaking, with how many cameras operate near field-level, who's to say one couldn't be safely installed somewhere behind home plate?

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7 points · 1 year ago

They do this already. On the Samsung gear you can watch certain games from field level. It's not the whole game and the buffering is horrible but pretty cool experience

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What a world we live in

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3 points · 1 year ago

This will only happen if there is profit motivation.

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I think this would be great and it wouldn't hurt sales. People would use the VR but part of the fun of watching games, often times anyways, is watching with other people and VR would severely limit that. But it would be really cool.

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This will be happening all over in the coming years. 100%

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Intel is Working on this. Not sure how good it is but they’re certainly pouring some money and computing power into it.

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yes. actually, one of the cameras that flies around on the field super close should be used for VR

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They did that for nhl all-star game last year

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The NHL has does this for some games

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OR there would be a drone flying around with a 360 camera

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