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Is anyone in the LA area interested in a screenplay book club?

I have been testing the waters about this for a while now but basically, I want to read more screenplays so I figured why not get together to discuss the things that we have read?

We will cover everything about the screenplay that we read, including structure, characters, what we like, what we don't like, and all of the good stuff.

We can also just chat about screenwriting, movies, life, dogs, dogs that also write I'm looking at you Stan The Dog from Disney Channel's original series Dog With A Blog (God I'm to old for that reference)... anyway we can talk about all of that and more, but each meet up we will have a discussion about the Script that we have read.

So uh, what do you say? Wanna read some movies with me?

I am in the Los Angeles area so I figure why not start there, but I am always open to online discussion of topics.

Why not just join and then we can go from there!

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I haven't moved to Los Angeles yet, but I'm more than willing to carry a digital end to this club

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Original Poster1 point · 1 year ago

I am all for any ideas to make this grow, I would like to see lots of people join.

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Same here, live in Europe but would love to join a screenplay club as I'm trying to read more.

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I'm interested. I think similar efforts have been made in the subreddit before, but I'm all for joining a monthly/bi-weekly/weekly thread. Maybe a discord.

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