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Why is Trump so interested in keeping Orrin Hatch? Does POTUS succession play a role?

Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but why is Trump so interested in keeping Hatch around? Could it be to do with the rules of succession, in case both Trump and Pence were removed from office? Because as it stands, Hatch is third in line, and if he were to go, the senate would by tradition choose Leahy, a Dem, as his successor. And he might be less inclined to issue pardons. Thoughts?

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More like, because Mitt Romney, if he chooses to accept this Mission Impossible would likely win that seat in the Senate and yes that would put him in line to the Presidency but fairly far down the list.

More to the point, Trump and Romney don't like each very much.

Edit: When I say "fairly far down the list", I don't expect Romney would take over Hatch's position of President Pro Tempore of the Senate, just the state senate seat itself.

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Hatch was a loyal ally. Romney clearly views Trump as a disgrace. Even if Romney fell in line with Trump's agenda, Trump can't handle criticism.

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First, /u/the_dummkopf is correct: the Speaker of the House (Paul Ryan) would become POTUS before the President Pro Tempore of the Senate (Orrin Hatch).

There's also another small detail that's incorrect in your post: Senate tradition holds that the longest serving senator of the majority party is selected as the President Pro Tempore. Unless the democrats take majority in the senate, Hatch's successor will most likely be Thad Cochran (R-MS).

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I thought Paul Ryan was next in line, not Orrin Hatch.

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Vice President (Pence), Speaker of the House (Ryan), President pro temp of the Senate (Hatch), Secretary of State (Tillerson), plus 15 more. It's a long list.

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3rd not including the President.

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