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[QUESTION] Beginner looking for an electric guitar (~$400, suitable for metal)

I decided to learn playing on an electric guitar. I have no prior knowledge on any instrument. I am looking for an electric guitar suitable for metal songs (more specifically alternative metal, melodic metal, metalcore). I am from Czech Republic, Europe and I am looking for a guitar with price less than or about the same as Schecter Omen Extreme 6 which is around 14000 CZK or $660 (incl. VAT) in my country and about $400 in US (

I prefer buying a $400 guitar that lasts me for a few years over buying a cheap $150 guitar that I would have to replace after a year of training. I plan to run it through my PC into my headphones so I will probably need some kind of external sound card too with low latency and to apply effects. The price point I mentioned is for guitar only. I have no specific price requirements for the sound card.

I asked a friend who is a composer and he recommended me used Schecter Tempest Standard on ebay from Japan which is above my price price point. He also recommended me Schecters in general and told me Schecter Omen is good for metal. For a sound card, he recommended me to buy either PreSonus AudioBox iOne or Line 6 POD Studio UX1 which he says is more suitable for an electric guitar (both are acceptable for me price-wise).

What do you think I should buy?

EDIT: I ended up ordering Schecter Demon 6 without FR and Line 6 POD Studio UX1.

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Ibanez JS 2000 | Schecter Omen-6FR | Schecter Damien-74 points · 1 year ago

I have the Schecter Omen-6 diamond series with a Floyd rose. I like everything about it except for the Floyd rose special that came on it. I don't know if the one you're looking at has a FR or not, but I highly recommend against getting a guitar with a FR special.

Anyways it's all around a very solid guitar and I play it regularly for practicing and gigs. The stock pickups are nice but I've upgraded mine to Seymour Duncans, which do sound better for metal IMO. The only other thing I did to the guitar was replace the FR special bridge with another one because the cheap components wore out on the stock one.

I have no input really on the soundcard, but why not look into getting an audio interface instead?

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Original Poster2 points · 1 year ago

Just curious, how long did it take until components in the FR special bridge wore out on your guitar?

I will probably visit a music store to ask about the audio interfaces. I found some online and they seem to be a similar types of devices as external sound cards. The only difference I noticed were different input sockets.

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Ibanez JS 2000 | Schecter Omen-6FR | Schecter Damien-73 points · 1 year ago

I started noticing wear and tear at around the 3 year mark, and by 5 years I was replacing parts of it. I eventually replaced the whole bridge with another cheap licensed FR from amazon.

Audio interfaces are really useful because they have a 1/4" input and XLR input, and let you monitor your sound as it records in real time. Also, they often come with a trial version of some sort of DAW. They usually go for around $100 US or less for a 1 or 2 input version. I'm not sure how that compares to an external sound card, but audio interfaces seem to be the standard for most guitarists or home recording musicians I know.

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Dedicated audio devices for Windows almost all have their own ASIO driver, which allows for low-latency recording and playback. They will also have (typically) studio interfaces, 1/4" TS mono or TRS stereo/balanced, and/or XLR microphone inputs. Many of them have inputs that support instrument level, mic level, and line level signals.

If you use such an interface to record, ensure that all inputs and outputs run through that interface, and not use the built-in audio soundcard or usb headphones and so on. Those other devices will have latency.

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3 points · 1 year ago · edited 1 year ago

I suggest a Schecter Demon-6. The demon serious is slightly more expensive than the omen serious, but in my opinion they are a better bang for your buck. They go for $450 and are pretty nice. They have active pickups with a basswood body and birch neck/fingerboard, which adds up to some pretty nice attack. I bought one recently because I wanted a guitar for metal that wasn’t too pricy. I’m not disappointed at all.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 year ago

I looked it up online and it is quite affordable in here. I will definitely consider buying this model.

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You won’t be disappointed. The only thing to take note of, that you may not know if you’re new to guitar, is that it has active pickups. Which means a 9v battery powers them. If you buy a used one online and it’s not working, make sure it’s got a new battery before you think it’s broken.

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Fender1 point · 1 year ago

Guitar center was selling them for $339 last week. I would ask if you can still get that discount

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3 points · 1 year ago


Budget $100 for a fret level that includes a full setup. Then buy nearly any used guitar under your budget local to you. Buying used will get you twice the guitar value. The fret level will make it play like a $1,000+ guitar. Even if your buddy says 'oh, I can do the setup for you' get a shop the first time around.

Look into: Epiphone Les Paul, Epiphone SG G400, PRS SE, or a Tele. Some wicked metal players use Telecasters.

Look up software system.


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2 points · 1 year ago

Lots of options out there. It really will come down to how good the neck plays for you. You could look at what Ibanez offers, they have lots of good stuff for metal. You could even look at a Les Paul or some variant of one as the humbuckers in those can achieve a decent metal tone with the right amp.

Last choice would be stuff from Jackson. Not sure if those are commonly found in Europe but they have many great metal guitars.

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Original Poster2 points · 1 year ago

As I said, I am beginner so I can't really tell if a neck is good for me or not. I expected that necks in some guitars are generally better for techniques used in metal songs.

Do you have any specific Ibanez guitars in mind? Jackson seems to be quite common in here, I quickly looked it up online and there is a wide range of models available.

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3 points · 1 year ago · edited 1 year ago

I see so it's a little tricky to tell as a beginner but for example I own 2 guitars. A Jackson Pro Rhoads RR3 and a Prestige Heritage Standard.

Both of these guitars are really built for anything, but the Jackson in particular is very good for metal and higher speed technical playing. Why? Because the neck is designed this way. It's radius starts at 12" and as you move higher up the neck (as in, higher pitched notes) the neck widens up to 16". This makes it very, very comfortable and "fast" to play on. The other guitar I linked, the Prestige which is like a Les Paul clone is also quite good for fast playing, it has a nice wide comfortable neck. However, unlike the Jackson it has a consistent neck radius of 14" all through, so it feels very different from the Jackson. Most Les Pauls don't have a 14" radius though, most of them are 12". I found 14" to be remarkably more comfortable to play.

The Jackson was designed by Randy Rhoads, arguably the greatest technical metal guitarist of all time. The thing is though, you have to play it classical style. You can't really play it parallel to your body, the neck is designed to be played at a high angle so if you Google images of Randy Rhoads you can see how he used to play, that's really how it's designed to be played.

Anyway this probably all sounds confusing but for the Ibanez guitars they have this design called the "Wizard neck". These necks are generally quite flat and they play great for things like metal. Personally I greatly prefer the necks on Jackson because on the particular guitar I linked it's a neck-through construction... NOT a bolt-on maple neck. This makes a big difference in how the guitar plays, particularly when you get higher up the neck to the high pitched notes, the Jackson is remarkably more comfortable than any Ibanez I've played, aside from their high end stuff (Prestige models and above which are very nice guitars).

This by no means makes the Ibanez bad though. They're still exceptional guitars, they just go a different route/design.

My recommendation would be if you can try a few out. The balance of the guitar is important too. I personally found MOST Ibanez guitars to be too light for my tastes, but other people greatly prefer that. It will really depend on your own personal feelings. Jackson builds a cheaper Rhoads model that's like $300-400 or so, the one I linked is expensive. If you need more info or have questions feel free to reply.

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Any Guitar is suitable for metal even hollow bodies.

Get one that you are comfortable with.

I'd recommend a Les Paul Copy or a Super Strat.

Jackson has some good guitars in that range as does Ibanez

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Epi LP

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